Recruitment Agency Growth Programme

Selling Success is proud to be able to offer you a very special and unique opportunity to grow your recruitment agency with some of the leading experts in the recruitment industry. A superb three month course that will delve into your existing business in order to maximise profits, transform your professional life and explode your business to incredible levels.

Ian Knowlson

Ian has over 30 years experience in the recruitment industry working closely with corporate and high growth SMEs. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Selling Success, an NLP master practitioner and also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge working with around 30 separate recruitment businesses. Ian’s success comes from an outstanding proven track record of growth with clients at an average growth of 300% year on year. Ian’s exceptional ability to spot areas of untapped potential allows him to produce and deliver growth plans spanning periods of 3-5 years.

Ashley Rice

Ashley, an Associate Trainer, brings over 18 years of experience in the recruitment industry working with high growth SMEs. He is an ICF qualified coach and has a brilliant track record of taking clients’ growth to the next level. Ashley currently runs leadership and growth programmes with 15 SME businesses and utilises a range of innovative bespoke techniques in his training. He is an expert at identifying and using data to drive high growth.

Based on a proven system

Ian has worked tirelessly for the past 30 years perfecting his methodology, as a business coach having established and grown recruitment businesses in multiple sectors and countries across Europe and understands what it takes to grow and dominate a sector of the market. His methodology is based upon the Grant Thornton Study into hyper growth companies, he uses these principles in particular with recruitment companies to explode and multiply business and profits.

Unique and proven approach

An in-depth analysis of a proven system applied to the recruitment sector ensures that Ian is perfectly placed to exploit opportunities in the sector overlooked even by the most seasoned directors and CEO’s in the business. This unique system covers 7 key areas which Ian has coined “The Seven P’s”, a method he has used to escalate and grow recruitment businesses to incredible levels.

The Agency Growth Programme

A unique and unparalleled programme for SME recruitment companies spread over six days with workshops, self-analysis and reflection for owners and directors designed to:

  • Support a transformation of business and life
  • Accelerate business and personal growth
  • Increase gross and net profits
  • Improve operating models
  • Enhance viability
  • Multiply profitability
  • Explode value and saleability

Programme Details

The programme is spread over three two-day sessions run on a Friday and Saturday once a month for three months. Delegates will initially review their own business supported by the coaches using our proven Growth Health-Check diagnostic which identifies:

  • Inhibitors to growth
  • Quick wins to increase profits
  • Optimal business operating models
  • Areas of under performance
  • Ways to raise productivity
  • Immediate ways to increase profitability

Course Date Details

Our Growth Programme kicks off in February 2020 on the dates listed below

  • Fri & Sat - Feb 28/29
  • Fri & Sat - March 20/21
  • Fri & Sat - April 17/18


We have a maximum of 12-20 delegates to ensure that we dedicate enough attention to each person and are able to make the whole experience as useful as possible. We will do our best to ensure direct competitors are not booked on the same course, however, we do ask that attendees be happy to share their experiences and be free from any competitive element during our sessions, instead using the group to learn and support each other.


This incredible 6-day growth accelerator programme is priced at £2,500, which equates to £417 per day. All course materials, refreshments and training manuals are covered. Our Early Bird Tickets are now available with a £250 reduction up until the 31st of December, alternatively a 50% deposit ticket will secure your place with the rest due 2 weeks prior to the start date.


The course will take place within easy reach of public transport (M3/M4/M40) and all local amenities, exact location to be confirmed.

Sign Up

This is a unique opportunity for all recruitment businesses, tickets are limited due to the nature of the course therefore we advise delegates to book as soon as possible. Such specialised growth knowledge and experience for recruitment agencies is truly exceptional and this is the perfect way to lead the way and dominate the sector in your industry. Book by adding a ticket to your cart below.


What people are saying about us.

Nu Staff Recruitment – Chepstow

We strive to produce measurable results for every company we work with, as a result we have a long list of success stories. Nu Staff Recruitment, in Chepstow, is just one of the recruitment companies that Ian Knowlson, our expert coach, has recently worked with doubling their turnover in just two years and taking this established company to new levels of performance and growth. As Lisa Redmore-Elliot their Operations Director will testify Nu Staff are poised for further accelerated growth and expansion thanks to Ian’s “incredible support”.